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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

7TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REGIMENT - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The 7TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REGIMENT, 186164, was the first CIVIL WAR regiment rendezvoused and organized in Cleveland. Three companies were composed solely of Clevelanders, while Clevelanders served as officers in other companies, giving the unit a total of 610 local men. The 7th was raised at Camp Taylor (see CIVIL WAR CAMPS IN CLEVELAND) on 2225 Apr. 1861 and mustered into federal service on 30 Apr. It spent MayJune at Camp Dennison near Cincinnati. Afterward it was assigned to the following units: Railroad District, WV (JuneDec. 1861); 3d Brigade, Lander's Div., Army of the Potomac (Jan.Mar. 1862); 3d Brigade, 2d Div., 5th Army Corps, Dept. of the Shenandoah (Mar.May 1862); 3d Brigade, Shield's Div., Dept. of the Rappahannock (MayJune 1862); 2d Brigade, 1st Div., 2d Corps, Army of Virginia (JuneAug. 1862); 1st Brigade, 2d Div., 2d Corps, Army of Virginia (Aug.Sept. 1862); 1st Brigade, 2d Div., 12th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac (Sept. 1862Oct. 1863); Army of the Cumberland (Oct. 1863Apr. 1864); and 1st Brigade, 2d Div., 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland (MayJuly 1864). The 7th participated in the battles of Winchester, Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg and was sent to help quell the New York City draft riots in Aug.Sept. 1863. The regiment was mustered out and its men paid off and discharged at Camp Cleveland on 8 July 1864. The unit lost 10 officers and 174 men to hostile action and 2 officers and 87 men to disease.

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