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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PEIXOTTO, DANIEL LEVI - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PEIXOTTO, DANIEL LEVI (18 July 1800-13 May 1843), the first Jewish doctor to teach medicine in Ohio and one of the first to establish a practice, was born in Amsterdam to Moses Levy Maduro and Judith Lopez Salzedo Peixotto. He received his medical degree from Columbia University in 1819. He later became secretary of the New York Academy of Medicine and president of the New York Medical & Physical Journal, to which he contributed many scientific articles. In 1835 he moved his family to Cleveland in order to accept a position at the new Willoughby Medical College. In 1836 he gave the introductory address for the college. Also that year he was elected to the newly established Chair of the Theory & Practice of Medicine & Obstetrics. Peixotto resigned from the troubled college in 1838, continued his practice in Cleveland, and occasionally lectured on hygiene at the CLEVELAND LYCEUM. In 1839 he appeared on the science program at the Ohio Medical Convention meeting in Cleveland. He returned to New York in 1841, where 2 years later he died of consumption. Peixotto married Rachel Seixas in 1823. They had 8 children: Judith, Zipporah, Sarah, Moses Levy Maduro II, Rebecca, Benjamin Franklin, Raphael, and Miriam. His son, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PEIXOTTO†, returned to Cleveland as a young man and became prominent in the Jewish community.

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