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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN (NCCW) - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The Cleveland Diocesan Council of the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN (NCCW) began as one of the country's earliest local groups, organized by Bp. JOSEPH SCHREMBS† in 1922. Schrembs had founded the national organization (1919-20) while serving in Toledo. NCCW, a federation of over 150 organizations, supports, empowers, and educates Catholic women. Affiliated groups include ethnic women's and study clubs, altar and rosary and church aid societies, guilds, and sodalities. NCCW was first located in the cathedral community house on Superior Ave. (1929). After a few moves, the office was back on Superior in 1992, in the Catholic Center near St. John Cathedral. In 1928 and 1946 Cleveland Diocesan Council (also called the Catholic Federation of Women's Clubs in the 1940s) hosted national NCCW conventions. The council initiates programs, as well as coordinating other organizations' activities. Notable achievements have included supplying 9 ambulances to the U.S. Army in World War II and raising $30,000 to renovate the Lady Chapel in St. John Cathedral in 1948. The local NCCW has continually stressed service and education for youth, immigrants, and the underprivileged, peace and disarmament, and citizen involvement in the legislative process.

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