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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CANTERBURY GOLF CLUB - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CANTERBURY GOLF CLUB was established in 1921 by John York, Lynn W. Ellis, and several other members of Cleveland's UNIVERSITY CLUB. It is located on S. Woodland Rd., a short distance east of Warrensville Ctr. Rd. Canterbury opened on 1 July 1922 as a men's-only club. In 1923 a women's golf committee forced it to open its course to women. The club is named after the Connecticut town of Canterbury, birthplace of the founder of Cleveland, MOSES CLEAVELAND†. Julian W. Tyler was its first president. Herbert Strong of New York designed the original course, which was enlarged and reconstructed in 1928 by J. H. Way, a Canterbury golf pro born in England. In 1928 the clubhouse, which was built in the "Old English" tradition, was also enlarged and remodeled. In 1938 a new outdoor swimming pool, designed by Wm. Pitkin, Jr., and Seward H. Mott, Inc., was built. C. Merrill Barber was the landscape architect for the new pool. Although Canterbury is considered a country club, its golf course is one of the finest in the country. The club has hosted some of the nation's most prestigious golf tournaments, including the USGA Open (1940, 1946), the PGA chapionship (1973), The U.S. Amateur championship (1964, 1979) and the U.S. Senior Open (1996). It has hosted thirteen major tournaments and championships since 1932 and will host the 2009 Senior PGA tournament. The club is recognized as one of the 100 golf courses in the nation, and one of the top three in Ohio.

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