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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SHAUTER, ROBERT HARRIS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SHAUTER, ROBERT HARRIS (8 Oct. 1903-27 Dec. 1944), a successful black druggist and professional man, was born in Saybrook, Ohio, the son of Thomas J. and Florence L. Richardson Shauter. He attended CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS and graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Western Reserve University in 1923. After working as a prescription pharmacist for several drug stores in the Central Ave. area, Shauter purchased the Fox Pharmacy at 9208 Cedar Ave. 16 April 1936. Backed by entrepreneurs William Pierson and Roger Price, Shauter soon expanded his store, and two years later he established a prescription center at 2315 E. 55th St. In 1943 Shauter acquired the Leiken Drug Store in the Reserve Building at E. 55th and Woodland where he set up the Shauter drug chain offices, operated by his wife Frances. He was the only black member of the Ohio Northern Druggists Association and the Cleveland Academy of Pharmacy at that time.

Shauter married Frances Johnson in Cleveland 3 July 1930. They had no children. He died at his home in Cleveland and was buried in the family plot at Saybrook.

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