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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SHAKER MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The SHAKER MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL was a small, community-oriented hospital that served as a lower-cost alternative for patients who did not require the services available in larger hospitals. Shaker Medical Ctr. was founded in July 1955 by Dr. Victor D. Ippolito as a voluntary, short-term general hospital. In 1963 it was established as a not-for-profit corporation, qualifying it for payments from BLUE CROSS OF NORTHEAST OHIO. The original building on Shaker Blvd. was erected in 1954; a third floor was added in 1962. The hospital provided in-patient care in medicine and surgery, and emergency department, and an out-patient department that provided customary diagnostic therapy and services. During the 1960s, the 31-bed facility included a laboratory and x-ray, surgery, and emergency services. A 1971 expansion added 8 beds, 2 coronary intensive-care units, and 6 general step-down beds. In 1982 the SAINT LUKE'S HOSPITAL ASSN. purchased the Shaker Medical Center Hospital. It continued to offer specialties in noninvasive cardiology, urology, general surgery, family practice, sports medicine, and podiatry until it closed in 1984.


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