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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SHAKER HEIGHTS LANDMARKS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SHAKER HEIGHTS LANDMARKS are those buildings, sites, and areas of exceptional architectural or historical significance in that city. There are two types of landmarks in Shaker Hts., those listed on the National Register, and those listed on the local level. The local landmarks are the result of designations by the Shaker Hts. Landmarks Commission, which was established by ordinance in Nov. 1974. The commission's purpose is to preserve the city's architectural and historic resources as well as educate residents about the heritage of the city. At the commission's organizational meeting on 8 May 1975, Neil Guda was elected chairman and the first landmarks were nominated for designation. The city's designated landmarks fall into such categories as Century Homes, Demonstration Homes, Master Model Homes, Historic Homes, Religious and Institutional Buildings, and Historic Sites. The commission also sponsors educational efforts, including publications and an annual walking tour, which highlights the work of a prominent local architect.

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