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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LAMBRIGHT, MIDDLETON HUGHER SR. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LAMBRIGHT, MIDDLETON HUGHER SR., M.D. (3 Aug. 1865-21 March 1959) was a physician/obstetrician and, at one time, the oldest practicing African-American doctor in Ohio.

Born to former slaves in Summerville, South Carolina, Dr. Lambright's surname was adopted by his grandmother from her master so named. (His mother's owner was named Gelzer and his father's Crawford). Lambright graduated from Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC. Teaching school to earn his way through medical school, he earned his M.D. in 1898 from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN.

Dr. Lambright began practicing medicine in August 1898 in Kansas City, MO. He rose to chief of the Obstetrical Division of Kansas City General Hospital No. 2, the only African-American in the department at the time and the first in the United States to head a hospital department.

In 1923 Dr. Lambright came to Cleveland and continued his practice for over thirty-five years. His office was at 5424 Woodland Avenue S.E. and for many years he was associated in practice with his physician son, Middleton Jr. During his sixty-year career Lambright delivered over 5,000 babies.

Dr. Lambright was one of the founders in 1939 of FOREST CITY HOSPITAL, Cleveland's first interracial hospital, and served as a trustee and a member of the executive committee at the time of his death. He belonged to the Cleveland Medical Association.

Lambright married Bartley Oliver and had 2 children, Middleton Jr., and Elizabeth (Carr). Dr. Lambright belonged to the Shiloh Baptist Church. He is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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