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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HOPKINSON, CHARLES WILLIAM - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HOPKINSON, CHARLES WILLIAM (13 Apr. 1865-13 May 1950) was an architect, designer and builder of numerous clubs, churches and schools in Cleveland and its suburbs.

Born in Cleveland to Alanson and Harriet (Farland) Hopkinson, Charles attended public school in Cleveland and graduated from Cornell University (1887) with a B.S. in architecture.

Following his graduation, Hopkinson spent three years in New York City (1887-1890) working with the most prominent architects. In 1890 Hopkinson returned to Cleveland and opened his own architecture office.

Hopkinson concentrated his practice on private, rather than public, buildings and projects. Among his more notable designs are the Colonial & Clifton Club Houses in LAKEWOOD; Lakewood Public Library; the Rockefeller Mining Building at Case Tech; and the Hough Avenue Congregational Church. He also built additions to Lakeside Hospital, and supervised the overhaul of the GARFIELD MONUMENT located at LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

Hopkinson belonged to numerous professional organizations including the Cleveland chapter of the American Institute of Architects, serving as president, and the Civil Engineers Club of Cleveland, also president.

Hopkinson married Franc Warren in 1889. They had a daughter Ruth. Hopkinson was a member of the Congregational church. He is buried in RIVERSIDE CEMETERY.

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