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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FARAGHER'S BACK ROOM - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FARAGHER'S BACK ROOM was a catalyst for the local folk music scene in the early 1960s. It was located at 1945 South Taylor Rd. in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS In the spring of 1961, Bill Faragher opened a music room called the "Rising Moon Room" in a storefront next door to his bar. Using the front window as the back of the stage, it featured national and local folk talent singing music that ranged from protest songs to Dixieland and Irish war songs. Cofounder of the Rising Moon Room, Bill Malloy, along with his band, the New Wine Folk Singers, hosted a Monday "Hootenanny Night" that fostered local folk talent such as Gusty Hervey. Faragher's Back Room was sold to Rudy Schafer and Ray Milello in Mar. 1964. The folk tradition continued with national talent such as Judy Henske, Boby Carey, Oscar Brandt, and Tedd Browne. In 1970 Faragher's Back Room was bought by Art Smith. He presented folk and blues acts such as Alex Bevan, Jimmy Glover, John Bassette, Leatherwood & Lisa, Glenn Schwartz, Robert Junior Lockwood, and the Mr. Stress Blues Band until 1973.

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