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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

E. F. BOYD & SON FUNERAL HOME, INC. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The E. F. BOYD & SON FUNERAL HOME, INC., one of the oldest African American funeral homes in Cleveland, was founded by ELMER FRANKLIN BOYD† in 1905. The following year he took in a partner, Lewis J. Dean, and their business was located at 2604 Central Ave. Dean left the business in 1911. The firm moved to 2276 E. 43rd in 1919; and to 2165 E. 89th Street in 1938, the former Slaughter Brothers Funeral Home. Boyd, who died in 1944, was a founder of the Cleveland Funeral Directors Assn. and was a leader in community affairs.

Since E. F. Boyd's death, the company has been headed by his son, William F. Boyd. A branch location was opened in East Cleveland in 1972. This family-run business has nearly 30 full-time employees (including the fourth generation of Boyds) and remains at the E. 89th location in 1994.

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