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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CLEVELAND RECORD - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CLEVELAND RECORD was published by members of the CLEVELAND NEWSPAPER GUILD, LOCAL 1 to alleviate the news blackout that accompanied their strike of the CLEVELAND PRESS and PLAIN DEALER on 29 Nov. 1962. Published 5 times a week (daily except Thursday and Sunday), it first appeared on 21 Jan. 1963, edited by John Blair of the Plain Dealer with Matt Fenn of the Press as managing editor. Editorial and business offices were in the Euclid Arcade, while the paper was printed by the Collinwood Publishing Co. Issues averaged 8-12 pages, with daily runs of 100,000. Among the local events covered in the Record was the engagement of Dr. Sam Sheppard to Mrs. Ariane Tebbenjohanns (see SHEPPARD MURDER CASE). With the settlement of the strike, it printed its 55th and final edition on 6 Apr. 1963.

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