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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CLEVELAND MEDICAL READING CLUB - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CLEVELAND MEDICAL READING CLUB, an organization of black physicians founded in November 1925, was, in 1995, one of the oldest continually meeting medical clubs in the city. It was created by African American physicians, excluded because of race from other medical organizations, to keep abreast of programs and advances in the medical field. At its conception, there were no hospitals in Cleveland where black physicians could get internship training, and only 4 in the country. Founding members were Drs. Luther O. Baumgardner, E. J. Gunn, Linnell L. Rodgers, CHARLES GARVIN†, Leon Evans, Armand Evans, George Ferguson, JAMES A. OWEN†, Oliver A. Taylor, and John H. McMorris. The club meets monthly to discuss presentations by members. As of 1995, membership was limited to 20 elected physicians and included Dr. Joseph Martin of Metrohealth Medical Center, Dr. Arthur Burns of the CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Medical School, and Dr. Harry Garvin of SAINT LUKE'S HOSPITAL ASSN. Dr. Leon A. Brown was the organization's secretary/treasurer in 1995.


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