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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CLEVELAND FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CLEVELAND FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS, Local No. 4, one of the city's oldest labor unions, had its origins as the Musicians' Mutual Protective Assn., founded 4 Dec. 1877. In 1895 the association joined the American Federation of Musicians and became Local No. 4. A division between black and white musicians in 1910 resulted in the formation of the black musicians' own Local No. 550 of the American Federation. However, the two groups were reunited in 1962 as the Cleveland Federation of Musicians, Local No. 4. The primary goal of Local No. 4 was to establish and enforce a minimum-wage standard that its members should charge for their services. Women received membership privileges in the local in 1910, as the protection of female musicians became part of its purpose. Local No. 4 supported other area trade unions by forbidding its members to work in non-union restaurants and hotels and also helped lobby for the 8-hour working day. The local played a role in forming labor-related organizations, such as the Cleveland and American Federations of Labor, the United Trade & Labor Council in Cleveland, and the CLEVELAND CITIZEN. The Cleveland Musician is the local's official organ.

Cleveland Federation of Musicians Local No. 4 Records, WRHS.

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